The Original Talc Collection

Our Original Talc line includes a complete range of products in a classic fragrance with natural ingredients such as argan, almond and tea tree oils, coconut extracts and goji berry: Colonia Eau de Toilette, Pre-Shave Oil & Cream, Solid Shaving Cream, Aftershave Splash & Gel and care products for beard & moustache.

The Fragrance

An irresistible and charmed fragrance whose real essence is based on its soft and warm feature that recalls the typical perfumes of barber salons throughout history who have been using talcum powder for centuries as an essential part of the grooming experience.

Original Talc Fragrance: Colonia Eau de Toilette & After Shave Splash

Before & After Shave Skin Care Oil & Gels

Products using a wide range of natural ingredients and extracts with no dyes and preservatives to help prepare your facial hair and skin to better accept the sharp razor gliding across your face, refresh the skin and soothe lingering inflammation.

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Moustache & Beard Care

The choice to wear facial hair is more common than ever for men and the Antica Barberia beard and moustache collection uses formulations with a wide range of all-natural ingredients to provide daily cleaning and grooming for a full, healthy beard. Also available are high quality grooming brushes and combs.

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