Shaving Lather Brushes

Our hand-assembled shaving brushes feature precision-milled aluminum handles with the Antica Barberia Mondial logo as a mark of its excellence and are mated with a premium Best Badger, EcoSilvertip synthetic or pure bristle knot.

Each Antica Barberia Mondial brush is created with the expertise handed down through five generations of family artisans. Our journey began with theAttilio Bagnoli & Co. Brush Factory- a 'pennellificio'near the gates of the city of Firenze in 1908. Today, our brushes are used by wet shaving enthusiasts and barbers around the world as a benchmark for quality and style.

Professional Use Lathering Brushes

Designed for the rigors of daily use by professional barbers with large sturdy handles and extra-large handmade pure bristle or EcoSilvertip synthetic knot built for longevity and durability.